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Varicose Vein and Leg Ulceration Treatment

Do you have varicose veins or have been diagnosed with leg swelling? Are you experiencing symptoms like leg pain and heaviness, or have developed open wounds? If you are suffering from varicose or spider veins, we can provide you with the most effective and beneficial treatments, including radiofrequency and laser ablation therapy.

At our practice, our patients receive a personalized consultation so that they learn about the cause of varicose veins and opt for the treatment that is best suited for them – all in the comfort and convenience of our office.

Several conditions can cause the vein to stretch, subsequently causing the one-way valves to pull apart. These conditions include pregnancy, active lifestyle, jobs requiring prolonged standing and/or sitting, hereditary conditions, blood clots, even active lifestyle, etc. If the one-way valves cannot close, the blood flows backward. This is known as reflux. Reflux will result in pooling of the blood in the veins. This pooling is the reason for why you may be experiencing problems such as:

Pain, swelling, cramping, numbness, discoloration, leg restlessness, permanent skin changes and even worse case scenario, sores, venous ulcerations, blood clots and wounds that are difficult to heal.

Once you start to notice those spider veins and/or varicose veins in your legs, you may already be living with significant venous disease. With the advancement in treatment options seen today, you may experience minimal downtime with a quick recovery period.

When Does It Occur?

The condition occurs when fragile veins near the surface of your leg stretch, wind and swell. Healthy leg veins have one-way valves that allow the blood to run towards the heart against gravity. When these valves are affected, veins are unable to send blood from your legs back to the heart, resulting in a condition called venous insufficiency. Gradually, the vein becomes larger and protrude as varicosity under the skin.

Our Pre-treatment Process

First and foremost, our physicians will examine a patient’s leg using ultrasound to ascertain whether varicose vein and leg ulceration treatment are appropriate and necessary. No special preparations are required for this examination.


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