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Vein Testimonials


"I have suffered from varicose veins without adequate treatment for many ears. After being treated by Dr. Chane, I have noticed a huge difference. I have more energy than ever before. The swelling has gone away. Even my dermatologist could not believe how much better by skin and legs look now."

- Rachel V.

"I recently needed to see a cardiologist, I was referred to dr. Chane, I made the appointment online, got a call back from his office to confirm. When I got to the office, I was impressed with their great patient care, and a very knowledgeable caring doctor."

- Zuhair Tawil

"I was experiencing achiness in my legs while standing at work in retail. I found Dr. Chane online and I have had three vein procedures. I feel so much better and can now stand for longer periods of time without suffering from pain."

- Carly G.

"I had suffered from joint pains and swelling in my legs for a long time. I also noticed skin darkening around my ankles recently. After initial treatment for my veins by Dr. Chane, the pain and swelling are gone and the discolorations are getting better. I can stand for longer than I ever did. I am now looking forward to finishing the rest of my vein treatments."

- Daniel H, Huntington Beach


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