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Leg Swelling, Fatigue, Pain, And Cramps Specialist

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If you’re living with leg pain, swelling, fatigue or cramps, you may feel like you can’t do everything you want to because your ability to move is inhibited. There are many potential causes for these symptoms, including vein thrombosis and peripheral artery disease. Dr. Majed Chane and his team at CA Heart and Vein Specialists in Huntington Beach, California offer expert diagnosis and treatments for the causes of your discomfort. Call or make an appointment online today for effective treatment.

Leg Swelling, Fatigue, Pain, and Cramps Q & A

What causes leg swelling, fatigue, pain, and cramps?

A wide variety of conditions can lead to painful and disruptive symptoms like leg pain, cramping, fatigue, and swelling. Some of the common causes include:

• Vein thrombosis

Vein thrombosis often called deep vein thrombosis or DVT, is a condition where a blood clot — medically called a thrombus — develops in one of your veins. The clot can impede blood flow back to your heart and lead to fluid retention, swelling, and pain. DVT develops after extended periods of not moving such as long airplane trips or if you’re bedridden after an injury or surgery.

• Varicose veins

Varicose veins and venous insufficiency cause fluid retention, bringing about leg pain and swelling. When your blood doesn’t flow back to your heart efficiently, you’re more likely to develop an edema, which also causes swelling, cramping, pain and fatigue in your legs.

• Peripheral artery disease

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a condition where circulation to your extremities is reduced because your arteries have narrowed. While it can develop in your arms or abdomen, PAD is most often diagnosed in your legs.

The reduced circulation means the muscles and other tissues in your legs don’t get enough oxygen or nutrients. When your muscles are deprived, you experience symptoms like aches, cramping, and fatigue.

How is the cause of leg pain and swelling diagnosed?

At CA Heart and Vein Specialists, Dr. Chane and his team offer comprehensive exams including diagnostic imaging studies to identify the condition causing your symptoms. They review your medical history and talk to you in detail about your symptoms and your lifestyle.

They examine your legs for abnormalities such as a lower temperature in your feet or ankles or swelling. They also check your pulse and blood pressure in your ankles.

Dr. Chane also uses vascular ultrasound to monitor the blood flow in your legs. He can see if your blood is circulating correctly and if there are any signs of blockages or narrowed arteries. If he suspects PAD, he may order angiography.

How are leg pain, swelling, and fatigue treated?

Dr. Chane provides leg treatment that both relieves your symptoms of cramping, swelling or fatigue and addresses the underlying condition. For example, you may find relief from wearing compression stockings and elevating your legs. Alternatively, you may need medication or endovascular treatments to improve your circulation.

If leg pain, swelling, and fatigue are disrupting your life, call or schedule an appointment with Dr. Chane and his team online today.