A Few Things You Should Know About Spider And Varicose Veins

With spring kicking in and summer not far behind, majority of women want their legs to look picture perfect when putting on shorts and skirts. Women may not have a couple of hairs around the knees which they may not like but what are even worse are ugly veins on legs which are embarrassing.

A huge population of adults requires spider vein treatment in Huntington Beach as they’re widely affected by it. However, there have been quite a few recent developments that could be considered as being a boon in so far as spider and varicose vein treatment is concerned.

1. Cause of varicose veins isn’t crossing of legs. Putting on high heels or crossing legs does not cause varicose or spider veins contrary to popular belief. When one is standing or sitting for a long time then that could be the reason for blood clot. Other common causes are lack of exercise, smoking, obesity and hormonal birth control.

2. The problem isn’t cosmetic. A misconception that is quite common about varicose or spider veins is that people want to get rid of them through treatment as they are useless. Experts however are of the opinion that even though varicose veins aren’t the cause of a major health problem, they shouldn’t be ignored either.

Legs become tired as a result of varicose veins, could be the cause of swollen legs and overall discomfort. Varicose veins could be the warning signs of health risks in the long –term which includes poor circulation, swollen legs, blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.

The obvious question in everyone’s mind is, when one should consult a doctor. If the legs are unusually heavy or sore when the day has come to an end or after a workout, then that is the time to consult a doctor.

3. Genetics could be the reason. If genetics is the cause then it could be inherited from either side of the family from generation to generation. There could be a gap between generations as well, in other words, varicose veins may be visible in one generation and not the next or the subsequent generation.

4. Varicose veins and spider veins aren’t one and the same. Spider veins typically are thin and blue blood vessels that is visible below the skin and are harmless in general. The symptom could be that circulation is less than optimum causing formation of varicose vein.

When veins stretch and there is blood clot, that is known as varicose veins. They take the appearance of ropes and there is noticeable protrusion from legs occurring as a result of faulty one-way valves. Varicose and spider veins could appear in one leg as well. In other words, varicose and spider veins do not necessarily appear in both legs.

5. Women aren’t an exception. Although women mostly suffer from varicose veins, there are men too who equally suffer.

6. Pregnancy could result in varicose veins. During pregnancy there’s a lot of pressure created that causes blood to drain from the lower part of the body. As a result of certain body positions, the fetus could block blood flow. Moreover, pregnancy causes production of excess hormone, which in turn causes relaxation of the smooth vein muscles. This leads to increased capacity for storage and their potential to dilate. Whatever may be the cause of pressure; excess fat in the abdomen, the fact that pressure is felt is sufficient cause of varicose veins.

7. Prevention is better than cure. Through exercise alone can vein related problems be prevented and contained. Therefore, any pretext is good enough for a workout. Ideally, being active and healthy has a lot to do with wellbeing. To boost circulation, climbing stairs and swimming are recommended physical activities not to mention walking. Raising one’s body using the balls of one’s feet as support and then dropping back down is equally effective. Toe raises can be done anywhere at any time.

8. There isn’t any time-tested way to reduce the appearance. Besides professional treatment, however, makeup can be used as a cover-up of prominent veins. The painful symptoms can be less painful though. Pantyhose or compression stockings of all sizes; knee-high, thigh-high and waist-high are available at surgical supply stores. Horse chestnut seed extract is available online and it aids in reducing dilation of veins. Drug stores on the other hand have witch hazel which has a little film with chemical for squeezing the skin and relieving pain.

9. Enhanced treatment. According to expert opinion, there have been advancements in treatment of spider vein. After the treatment there aren’t any scars with recovery time being minimal. Hospitalization and general anesthesia aren’t required.

Dr. Chane

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