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BEMER Treatment: What Everyone Should Know

The breakthrough device that deals with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for various ailments is here! Read more on why you should give it a try today.

B.E.M.E.R refers to – Bio: Electro: Magnetic: Energy: Regulation. It is a proven, well-researched and invariably useful pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) with verified records for correcting multiple disorders and illnesses.

Liechtenstein based organisation, Innomed International AG, brought BEMER products into the limelight. The “pulse” used in PEMFT had been the discovery of Prof Dr. Wolf A Kafka.
BEMER’s widespread usage has made its impression felt in over 40 countries (including – the US, European states, the Middle East region, Australia, New Zealand etc) across the globe. Millions of satisfied customers including international sportsmen and Olympic participants have boosted its popularity.

“BEMER” is acknowledged as a clinical device by SA Dept. of Health. Healthcare specialists from various medical branches such as – naturopathy, physiotherapy, and allopath encourage the BEMER usage in their treatment processes to get desired results and accelerate patient’s recovery.

Who prefers BEMER therapy?

With growing popularity owing to the positive feedbacks, BEMER therapy is now the favorites of medical practitioners, general physicians, athletic coaches and guides. The device is also preferred for the speedy recovery of patients after any operation. In regular use, it assists in regulating general health, boosts strength, encourages rejuvenation and fitness etc.

Why do medical practitioners prefer BEMER Treatment?

• Safe therapy

• Non-invasive method

• No side-effects on health

• Can be combined with other therapies

• Less dependency on medicines

• Cost-effective approach

• Proven results for acute illnesses

• A proactive technique that stops ailments to aggravate

• No chemical usage

• Boosts quality life

Is BEMER system different for different purposes?

Yes! When the level of ailment can’t be same for every individual, how can the treatment measures be same! Keeping this fact into consideration, we have come across with two varieties of BEMER systems. “Pro-Set” which is aimed completely to serve our professional customers including health specialists and “Classic – Set” that can even be used in the home-friendly environment. However, the control and functions for both the devices offer flexible experience.

Are there similar devices based on PEMFT (pulsed electro magnetic field therapy) available in the market?

Probably, No! Even though, all of these appear to be operated in the same field, we are a different when business is concerned. Apart from that, the device BEMER, is the advance machine that solely made electro-magnetic field therapy lasting with clinically proven results. You should stay cautious of the products that may show similar features at a cheaper price.

Of course, there are many more available in the market but you should always remember that quality comes with a price. The not-so desired quality would lag behind in terms of performance and efficiency.

How do BEMER Therapy work?

The device BEMER, functions on your body cells by regulating the bio-chemicals at a minimal level. Additionally, by enhancing physiological restrictions like – micro-circulation, blood oxygenation, and the release of T-cell to support immunity, the human body is prepared to exhilarate its own usual regulating systems.

BEMER Therapy encourages synergy between your body cells and the feeble beating electro-magnetic field, which laterally boosts the body’s own control mechanisms to cure several dysfunctions.

Dr. Chane

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