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EECP: An Innovative Alternative for Bypass Surgery

In order to treat the blockage of the coronary artery, the doctors generally prescribe medicines, angioplasty or bypass surgery. These treatment options are quite effective but they can be a problem when a chest pain is concerned. Drugs and other invasive procedures are not always effective. The problem becomes more serious if the blood flow gets restored in the blocked area. This condition is known as angina.

To decrease the chest pain, an effective non-invasive treatment therapy is required that can also improve the quality of your life. EECP therapy is that natural alternative non-invasive therapy that can relieve you from angina. Since this treatment option is relatively new, people often come to us with a number of queries. Some of the most common queries are discussed below.

What is EECP?

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation or EECP refers to a treatment that helps people who are suffering from the poor function of the heart and chest pain. It is a safe and an outpatient treatment option that is used for the treatment of the heart failure and angina.

What are the benefits of EECP therapy?

EECP therapy is a safe, simple and non-invasive treatment option. Some of the major benefits of this treatment option are discussed below –

How long the EECP treatment takes to be completed?

The duration of EECP therapy might vary from patient to patient. In an average, total 35 hours of the therapy session is given. Every day for one hour and 5 days a week. The patient should not skip their therapy session to get the best result. After completing the whole therapy session, one can experience at least three years of relief.

Can the therapy be considered as an alternative to Heart Bypass Surgery?

Because of its effectiveness, non-invasive process and comfortability, this therapy has been named as a natural bypass. It is also said that this therapy boosts the blood flow circulation throughout the body and influences the collateral flow of blood. EECP therapy treatment also helps people with cardiovascular problems like coronary artery blockage, chest pain, heart failure and hypertension. If you have undergone a surgery recently, you can choose the EECP therapy to get relieved.

Is there any restriction after EECP therapy?

Since EECP helps to provide new vessels, it is highly important to prevent any obstructions in the vessels. One should follow the following lifestyle to get the best result.

Hope, you will get your answer from the above-discussed FAQ list. If not, feel free to share your queries.

Dr. Chane

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