Get Freedom from Angina with External Counter Pulsation Therapy in Orange County

Chest pains or angina can be a cause of concern requiring immediate attention and the best cardiac specialists. The treatments are varied including bypass surgery, angioplasty, External Counter Pulsation Therapy or EECP and more other than the use of medicines. However, the application of each depends on the unique conditions of the patient. When the other two surgical procedures cannot be applied on the patient it is time for using EECP to offer relief from angina. Also if you have chronic pains and are not getting enough relief by taking calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers and nitrates then you will have to undergo the procedure.

How it works

EECP stimulates the blood vessels to develop many tiny branches that can create a natural bypass around the blocked or narrowed arteries so that chest pain can be reduced. In this method many blood pressure cuffs are used on both legs to gradually compress the blood vessels and increase flow to the heart. The pressure waves are timed so that they reach the heart each time it is relaxing. The pressure is released when the heart pumps again. It helps in reducing the resistance of the blood vessels in the leg so they can be pumped easily into the heart.

Benefits of the procedure

A patient for EECP treatment has to undergo long hours of treatment which is usually divided into sessions of one or two hours for five days a week requiring around seven weeks. In all there should be around 35 sessions. The utilities are varied including better oxygen supply to the heart, reduced pains, and more energy. It also shows better EKG response to exercises and the ability to exercise for longer durations. The effects are long-term and last for nearly two years and are highly beneficial in improving participation in social activities and an active lifestyle. You will not have to depend a lot on the anti-anginal medicines following this non-invasive and safe procedure.

Looking at a typical session

While undergoing a particular External Counter Pulsation Therapy in Orange County you will be required to lie down with three electrodes attached to the skin of your heart and linked to an electrocardiograph or ECG. While the blood pressure is monitored the ECG displays the rhythmic movements of the heart. You will need to wear elastic and tight-fitting garments to avoid any irritation caused by the cuffs when you wear them around your thighs, calves, and buttocks. The cuffs are inflated and deflated from the calves and thighs to the buttocks which cause the blood to travel to the heart. The inflation and deflation is synchronized to the blood pressure and heart beat. Before and after the treatment you will have to go through a stress test for final clearance and test measuring. Once the sittings are over you will be need to take medicines and follow various exercises that will help improve heart health. It is a relaxing and safe technique that is more like a massage but very effective in reducing angina. Patients can follow a completely normal life and better cardiac health afterwards.

Dr. Chane

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