Heart or Brain – Which One Is More Important or Which One Can You Live Without

Heart or Brain! Which one is more important for a human being to live? An age-old question which has the knack of popping up every now and then! The relevancy of this question still exists beyond all doubts and concerns. Be it a serious discussion between a cardiologist and a neurologist or a lighthearted chat between couple – this question will surely find its own special and unique way.

On a serious note, brain is certainly a more complicated organ than heart. By saying brain is amazing organ is not only an understatement, also proves that we have barely touched surface of our understanding about brain and its functionality. Acknowledging the incredible advancement in the field of research in last 50 years, medical world still has little understanding about the brain, its functionality and working. It is an amazing fact to know the multiple functionality of brain that everyone takes for granted – simple things like walking, sleeping, moving and so forth.

On the other hand, heart is a much simpler organ. In comparison with brain, complexity of heart is pretty pale and wan. The straightforward job of a heart is to pump blood. Period.

Nonetheless, heart is amazing in its own way and known for its special functionality. Beating of heart is probably the most amazing little thing that we can feel whenever we want to. It is amazing to think about the fact that we are blessed with an organ inside our body that never stops beating (pumping, technically). An organ which never takes break and is capable of continuing that process for 70-80years (100 years in some cases) – is truly an amazing fact. Honestly, it is a useless debate to find out which one is more important. They are both – obviously. It would be quite funny to rank them in terms of priority. The crux of the matter is we need them both.

However, we can argue and counter that question in a different way. With the help of another question – “Which one can you live without?” Well, technically, our body can live without brain (in a coma). On the contrary, it would be almost impossible to live without a heart.

Interestingly, technological advancement in last 15 years has given the birth of artificial heart. Artificial hearts or pacemakers are in the medical scene for a while. Therefore, various cardiologists who practices in and around Huntington Beach area, will certainly like to accept the fact that heart is a more important organ in human body compare to brain. But alas! This is not the case, as medical science is not expecting a brain transplant or the invention of an artificial brain!

Dr. Chane

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