Let vein ablation Treatment in Huntington Beach cure your varicose veins

Diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins has become easy owing to the use of ultrasounds which can track the flow of blood through the veins.The machine uses ultrasound images to visualize the flow of blood and thevein. It plots the points where the blood goes into refluxand find out the shape of abnormality. The blood usually flows from the legs to the heart forcing its way against gravity. But sometimes there is a reflux and the veins are unable to send the fluid to the heart. In such cases the blood tends to flow back and pools the veins which lead to them becoming large and protruding.

Using the laser therapy

At this point a minimum-invasive treatment is necessary to rectify the disorderly flow of blood. The flow has to be cut off and made to get into newer and healthier channels. As a result the enlarged vein slowly levels and the swelling decreases without causing any harm to the body. The procedure is performed with the help of laser energy which helps to remove the unwanted veins. Around 90 per cent patients opt for the treatment process and report a visible difference in the condition of the leg and reduction in pain. Through vein ablation the larger vein that runs through the entire length of the thigh can be treated.

Preparation for the procedure

Prior to treating a patient the doctor thoroughly discusses the situation, the procedure and if any complications that may be associated with it. The cost for performing the procedure and if the insurance covers it is also discussed. It is essential that the doctor is aware of all the medications that you may be taking and any allergies that you may have. Any medication that causes the blood to thin is stopped for a specific time period. Loose fitting and comfortable clothes will have to be worn but don’t forget the compression stockings which will be needed once the procedure is over.The stockings will have to be worn all through the day and night for the first four days. Thereafter you will need to wear then only during the day for the next 14 days. After the procedure is over you will be made to walk for around 40 minutes.

Risk free procedure

The laser therapy is performed after using local anesthesia. The Vein ablation Treatment in Huntington Beachtakes about an hour after which you are free to go home and pursue a normal life. But if multiple veins have to be treated then you will have to visit the doctor on different days and get the treatment done over a period of around six weeks. The procedure is usually risk free and leaves behind no scars. Some may feel a bit of tenderness or bruising owing to the anesthesia applied and the overall procedure. But that is usually alleviated by wearing the compressed stockings. Most patients don’t need further treatment. But if you are weak then you may get varicose veins elsewhere and return for more treatment.

Dr. Chane

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