Signs That Tell it’s Time to Visit a Vein Specialist

When someone gets the knotted, bulging, thick veins all across the legs or hands, which are quite visible through the surface of the skin, then not only it gives a cosmetic concern but proves to be quite painful as well. Individuals with this venous condition do not remove them only because these are unsightly but in truth they are associated with a lot of serious symptoms, which left untreated can lead to serious health issues.

The first question that might be coming to your mind is, how do you get varicose veins? The root cause of this venous problem lies in the faulty valves of the veins. When a valve stops working as it should or becomes weak, then the flow of blood is in the wrong direction through some veins. Due to this wrong blood flow, the blood gets accumulated in those veins thus causing them to bulge and form knots. Visiting a vein specialist is certainly not a favorite to-do in any body’s list, but if you have developed this varicose veins condition, then you need to put your health and mind at ease by following proper guidance of a doctor.

There are manifold reasons that may trigger the varicose veins condition. Some of these factors are old age, overweight, pregnancy, or a profession that requires you to be sitting or standing on the feet for a prolonged time. Sometimes, this condition is inherited and passed down in the family. In some rare cases, tumors and chronic constipation also lead to this condition. Sometimes, sitting for a long time with crossed legs also gives rise to this condition or trigger a condition that was already existing.

What are the symptoms you need to look out for?

Some of the minor symptoms that develop when the condition of varicositis develop are:

Though these are very initial symptoms and in many cases get disregarded as normal irritations, but once these develop into the following conditions, you need to visit a doctor.

Ignoring these conditions and not consulting the doctor can lead to skin ulcers or other hazardous blood clots.

When is the time to call a doctor?


You need to immediately book an appointment or call the doctor, if you find these varicose veins condition:

Even if your varicose veins might appear to be a minor one, consulting with a vein specialist would certainly stop the condition from leading to further complications. So, it would be wise to book an immediate appointment with the doctor.

Dr. Chane

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