Spider Veins Most Popular Myths Busted

Spider veins are generally found on the legs, feet, thighs, and very rarely sometimes on face. It is a thin purple, red or blue color branching or web like pattern or networks of blood vessels that appear on these area. Usually it is harmless but sometimes it can itch, burn and pain especially when standing for a long period of time at a stretch.

Thought this can be treated via two most popular ways the nonsurgical one Sclerotherapy treatment and surgical one laser vein treatment. Spider vein treatment at Huntington Beach are the most effective and it has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. This happens in women more than men and makes them conscious for sporting there short cloths and go out. However, we are busting some most popular myths about spider veins here to ease your mind a little bit.

Dr. Chane

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