Things to Know Before Going for Vein Treatment in California

How do you feel when your friends make plans for a pool party and you refrain yourself from joining just because of the scrawling veins on the legs? For how long have you seen these bluish and pinkish thick veins spread just beneath your skin? Do you feel numbness or itching around those areas? Whether your venous problem is causing you a social embarrassment or a physical discomfort, you should look for a reputed clinic that offers vein treatment in California.

The vein condition has different names according to the nature and appearance of the veins. In some, it is known as spider veins while the condition is also called varicose veins in many cases. Before going for a varicose vein or spider vein treatment in California, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the condition so that you can find the best doctor to treat your conditions.

What causes spider or varicose veins?
Till now, there has not been any direct cause detected for spider or varicose veins condition. However, there are many factors that act as “trigger” to this condition. Some of which are as follows:

a. Age is not just another number, if it crosses 50 years. Individuals, who have crossed this age or approaching the golden fifty, fall prey to this venous condition. The percentage of this condition is more in women than the men.

b. Genetic factor contributes a lot to this condition. If anybody in your family had this varicose veins condition before, then you have every chance of getting this condition.

c. Hormones play a significant role in an individual’s life. When there is a hormonal change, especially in women, due to pregnancy, puberty or menopause, that change triggers the varicose veins condition.

d. Being overweight has its own disadvantages. Varicose veins or spider veins condition is seen more in people who are overweight. So, you need to control your weight and regularly do some exercise, so that there is less chance of becoming obese.

If you have already developed this varicose veins or spider veins condition, then you need to visit a doctor who is specialized in treating this disease. You can start your search on the internet. If you are not sure which clinic to start with, you can browse through the reviews and feedback and choose the doctor accordingly.

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