Vein Ablation Complications Orange County

The treatment for varicose veins is also known as EVLT or endovenous ablation, where laser energy or radiofrequency is used to cauterize and close the affected varicose veins on the legs. Though most individuals opt for varicosities treatment because of cosmetic purposes, but you should consult the doctor and immediately and go for a treatment, in order to help alleviate the varicosities related symptoms such as swelling, aching, skin irritation, inflammation or discoloration. Endovenous ablation is quite safe and less invasive than the conventional surgery, and does not leave any scar.

You need to tell your doctor in details about any recent illnesses you have suffered from, chronic medical conditions (if any), allergies you have, and the medications you’re taking, including aspirin and herbal supplements. Depending upon your conditions, the doctor may advise you to stop anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), non-steroidal, blood thinners, and aspirin for a few days before proceeding with the treatment. On the day of the treatment, you need to wear loose and comfortable clothing. You should leave all your jewelry at home. You could be asked to wear a sterilized gown, to make sure there is zero chance of infection. After the treatment is done, you can leave after an hour or so. You should ask somebody to accompany you and drive you home after the treatment. You would be back to your normal activities just after a few weeks.

In normal condition, the blood circulates from the heart to legs via arteries and again back to the heart through the veins. These veins contain one-way valves, which allow a controlled amount of blood to return from the legs, acting against gravity. When these valves weaken due to age, overweight, genetic factor, and hormonal changes, then blood pools in the leg veins make them enlarged – a condition called varicose veins. The procedure of endovenous ablation involves minimal invasion, and is an image guided procedure, where laser energy or radiofrequency energy is used to burn (cauterize) and close the affected varicose veins. This method of treatment is remarkably effective and safe for the superficial veins. If there is any necessary of invasion required, then it is done with a minimal opening. However, every invasion comes with a few complications.

Device related complications: Both radiofrequency and laser ablation work through heat generation, which gets transmitted through the walls of the veins and injure some associated skin and nerves. In very few cases, there is a chance of developing short-term sensory neuropathy. Though there are rare cases of thermal injury to the skin, burning sensations of the skin are reported frequently.

Again, some complications arise due to toxic or allergic reactions with epinephrine or lidocaine, which can include heart arrhythmias or seizures. Sometimes, the veins develop segmental occlusion, which does not allow the catheter to pass and requires one or more vein puncture. However, all such conditions would not arise if you consult an experienced doctor in Orange County. Vein ablation complications Orange County are not very unheard of, as many beauty clinics have also started to treat this condition with the help of some people who do possess proper certificate and experience to conduct the operation.

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