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What to Do In Case of More Severe Varicose Veins?

Having varicose veins is always irritating. When it becomes more severe, the irritation can develop into unbearable pain. However, if people treat the condition at the initial stage, it would not become a serious issue. Unfortunately, some myths are still believed which fasten this medical condition to be more severe. One of them is it is a cosmetic concern.

Though the symptoms of varicose veins are prominent, diagnosing the issue is important. To diagnose this medical condition, your doctor will do a thorough physical test and will examine your leg whether it is swelling or not.

Sometimes, an ultrasound test can also be conducted to understand if your veins are functioning normally or they have become enlarged. It also determines if there is any blood clot. In this non-invasive ultrasound process, a technician runs a transducer against your skin over the area of your body. This transducer transmits the images of your veins to a monitor.

As a treatment option, you can change your lifestyle or use compression stockings. But, if the condition is severe, you should take the right treatment. Some of the most common treatment procedures are –

a) Sclerotherapy:

Sclerotherapy is perhaps the simplest and the most minimally invasive treatment option. In this treatment procedure, a small needle is inserted into the veins with a medicated solution that disturbs the lining of the veins and damages the faulty veins. Thus, this treatment process boosts the blood circulation and allows the blood to flow safely.

b) Foam sclerotherapy:

Foam sclerotherapy is comparatively a new technique to treat this medical condition. In this treatment process, a special type of medicated foam is used to cling to the vein wall. The expert surgeon injects a medicated solution through the affected veins, which shuts down the blood flow. This treatment is basically used to treat the larger veins.

Sometimes, these treatment processes fail to treat the varicose veins if they become extremely severe. Some of the treatment processes for treating the severe condition of varicose veins are discussed below:

a) High ligation and vein stripping:

In this treatment procedure, the affected veins are tied off and removed through small incisions. For most patients, this is an outpatient procedure. If you are among those who believe the myth that removing the veins would adversely affect your blood circulation, then don’t worry, it won’t. Removing just a few centimeters of the capillaries from the thousand miles long veins would not affect your body.

b) Ambulatory phlebectomy:

This treatment is also used in case of an advanced stage. In this process, doctors remove the relatively smaller varicose veins through a series of very small skin punctures. This is an outpatient procedure in which the only parts of your leg that are being pricked are numbed.

c) Endoscopic vein surgery:

In the highly advanced stage, when all the other techniques fail to treat leg ulcer, doctors recommend this treatment option. In this treatment option, a thin video camera is inserted in your leg to visualize the affected veins and close it and then remove the varicose veins through small incisions.

Don’t wait for developing your varicose veins into a severe condition. start the treatment and get rid of this medical condition as soon as possible. Remember, this medical condition is enough to make you suffer a lot. Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy you.

Dr. Chane

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